Eugene Robinson took our course and received his diploma over 39 years ago when he was just 29 years old. Here he is, still tuning and earning income at age 68! Piano tuning is truly a skill for all ages. Click here to see his letter of appreciation.

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Fact:  2/3 of all piano tuners learned by home-study course.
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Satisfied Piano Tuning School Students and Graduates

The American School of Piano Tuning has been training piano tuners and enabling graduates to start a successful businesses for many years. Here are some articles and comments of statisfied customers.

"After a career of 40 years, I can honestly say that I never hated Monday morning. I looked forward to my work. .... In my opinion, piano tuning is an excellent career choice." - Willard M. Leverett
Click here to see his entire letter.

Eugene Robinson took our course and received his diploma over 39 years ago when he was just 29 years old. Here he is, still tuning and earning income at age 68! Piano tuning is truly a skill for all ages. Click here to see his letter of appreciation.

An article in the Franklin Free Press highlights Randall Aycock, a graduate of the American School of Piano Tuning. Randall can be reached through his piano tuning business, North Alabama Piano Tuning, 256-335-1820. Click here to see the article.

Hi AMSPT/G. Borgnino, I received my tuning certificate from your school a few years ago (2008) and it has been a wonderful experience for me as a piano technician. Thank you! The reason I am contacting you is because I recently launched a piano directory website for professionals in the piano industry to advertise their services for free. I wanted to see if you would be interested in adding my website to your list of "links" and also help get the word out to your new piano technicians that they can get their name listed in their service city for free. My website is I am very passionate about the piano and I hope my website will come in handy for your associates. Please share your thoughts. Thank you. -Brandon Buchholzer.
I got your course several months ago and took my time learning and studying. I have been SO busy tuning and repairing that I am making more money now than I was in my last job. I was teaching public school and this job took over! There were only three people tuning in my area and two have retired. One of those two gave me his accounts and the other one is referring them to me. I am So busy. Thank you for making a difference in my life that I can help people and be their hero for about six months or so. My tunings HOLD thanks to you. Every time I have called the school you have helped me very patiently I might add. If anyone doubts that this course can help them please have them visit my website that is dedicated to tuning and repairing pianos. I also bought a Peterson ST-490 tuner. Really helped me even though I learned without it FIRST. Thanks again, David C. Anderson
I am a 2001 graduate of the American School of Piano Tuning. Although my first several pianos tuned were a nerve-wracking affair, I've since "come-into-my-own" and now tune without after-thought. The ASPT course was exceptional and as a reference has been invaluable, and when I have a question not found in the course manual, a phone call is all it takes for one-on-one help from ASPT. They're so very helpful and friendly. Living in a rural area, being one of three tuners in a 100 mile radius, provides me with as much work as I desire. I teach full-time, and find tuning/repairing a wonderful side business. I'm looking forward to teaching my two children the craft - they'll use it as a part-time job during their college days. Thanks American School of Piano Tuning, you've provided a wonderful addition to our livelihood. Yours truly, Thomas L. Isaacson
Hi, I completed the course in 1984.. great lessons, I learned a lot. I used my knowledge to buy, repair and sell piano's throughout the years. It was a great experience of learning for me. I recommend it to all wanting to learn about the many aspects of the piano history, tuning, regulation and repair. Please fell free to use my endorsement. My experience was a very positive one. There was lots of practical work in the lessons. It held my interest. I liked the support that was available. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.
All the best, Dr. Stephen Gough
"Hi I would like to thank you so much. I received my diploma from your school in 1981 and have had a successful and profitable business ever since. I now work for 3 music stores and 2 school systems. Not only is the tuning instruction wonderful, but the section on how to run a tuning business is worth its weight in gold....... really thanks again...." Jeff

"I'm fairly impressed by the format you use to teach tuning techniques, and I'm very impressed by the convenience of having tools supplied with the course."

-Satisfied student from Arkansas

"I thought it appropriate to send a note thanking you for teaching me a trade that I'll benefit from for years to come. For a correspondence course, your program is excellent! has taught me many skills that will help me make my business a success."

-Satisfied student from Arizona.

"I would like to say that I greatly enjoyed the course. It was formatted nicely, easily understood, and extremely informative. It was well worth the time and money invested."

-Satisfied student from New Jersey.

"I wanted to thank you for the excellent material. Even though technical information is available from a myriad of sources, your course provides a one on one view of the profession that simply cannot be found elsewhere."

-Satisfied student from New York.

"I've enjoyed your piano tuning and repair course very much. One week after I received my diploma, I tuned a piano for a local preacher and also replaced a string. The easiest $75.00 I ever made! I was very happy with it and he told me he knew of churches that could use my services. I guess I'm on my way. Thank you very much."

-Satisfied student from Georgia.

"....word has gotten out locally that I was working on this course and I have been literally besieged with orders to tune pianos. One such offer was from the school district with an additional incentive that, if interested, I could be given tuning jobs for many of the school districts of Southwestern Alaska."

-Satisfied student from Alaska.

"I would like to personally take this time to thank you for the course. I have had great success with my new career. I am really doing well and have plenty of business."

-Satisfied student from Louisiana

"I have certainly enjoyed your course on piano tuning and repair. It has to have been one of the most comprehensive, interesting and informative courses that I have ever had the pleasure to participate in, including most college courses I have taken."

-Satisfied student from Tokyo, Japan

"I am a woman who took your course 15 years ago. It has been a wonderful occupation for me. I am my own boss, choose my own hours, and experience no stress at all in the piano work. Best of all, it takes me only one hour to tune a piano for which I get paid a fee of $75.00. The course pays for itself in about 6 or 7 piano tunings. Thank you for an opportunity that has made a real difference in my life."

-Satisfied student from California.

"It was 25 years ago that I received my Piano-technician diploma from your school. So far it has brought me a lot of pleasure, friends and respect as a piano technician, as well as a source of income."

-Satisfied student from Ontario, Canada.

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