"I have certainly enjoyed your course on piano tuning and repair. It has to have been one of the most comprehensive, interesting and informative courses that I have ever had the pleasure to participate in, including most college courses I have taken."

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Fact:  2/3 of all piano tuners learned by home-study course.
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About The American School of Piano Tuning

The American School of Piano Tuning was established in 1958 by Mr. Robert Nelson. Mr. Nelson was qualified as an authority on the subject and had over 40 years experience in the field of piano tuning and servicing. The School is listed in the "Guide to the Music Trades" and other directories including "Courses offered by California Schools". The American School of Piano Tuning is registered with the State of California.

The American School of Piano Tuning is also listed by the Piano Technicians Guild as a place where people can learn the skills of piano tuning and repair by home-study course.

The American School of Piano Tuning has been in continuous operation since it's beginning, over 50 years ago, and is a member of the Better Business Bureau of California.

The Director, G. Borgnino, has been a piano technician and school administrator for over 25 years and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Berkeley as well as a California State teaching credential.

To check on the school, call the Better Business Bureau at 1-408-278-7400.  To our knowledge, there has never been a complaint made against the school in its 47 year history!

School Policy

Being a correspondence school, there is open enrollment. It is not necessary to wait for specific dates. Enrollment may occur at any time. You will be expected to stay within the following guidelines and school policies after enrollment. In the interest of the student and the school, the remaining lessons must be ordered within all of the following limitations:

  1. The remaining nine lessons must be ordered within one year from the date of your enrollment with the American School of Piano Tuning.
  2. At least one lesson must be sent for within a maximum of three months of when your last lesson(s) were ordered. You are not required to send the examination paper for previous lessons when ordering the next lesson but it is recommended.
  3. While examinations are not required, they must be completed before a diploma can be granted by the school. A minimum grade of 80% is required for all examinations. If an examination is failed, the student will be permitted to retake the examination to earn a passing grade.
  4. To qualify for the diploma, all ten examination papers must be sent to the school within 14 months from the date of enrollment.
  5. Failure to comply with any of the above requirements or rules may be grounds for termination of a student's enrollment. Extension of time may be granted by the Director upon written request prior to any delinquent date.

Examination papers are returned to the student after correction and grading with comments or reference to lesson questions or incorrect answers. A record of your grade is also maintained by the school. The American School of Piano Tuning offers no placement assistance to graduates.

Grade Percentage


95 -100%


90 - 94%

Above Average

86 - 93%


80 - 85%

Below Average

Below 80%

Unsatisfactory - 1 retake permitted

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