"I tuned and repaired pianos for the next 22 years, averaging about 4 pianos a week. By the year 2002, I had tuned over 4,000 pianos, working just 6 hours per week! Over the years, I ended up turning the $1,000 that I spent on learning the skill of piano tuning, into over $300,000. I...

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Fact:  2/3 of all piano tuners learned by home-study course.
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Arlin Hall Piano Tuning

Arlin Hall"I have been in the piano tuning and repair business for about 8 years. While people have told me all my life that I have a "really good ear" and that I should consider tuning pianos as a career. I never really seriously considered it. Then one day my son, who was looking for self employment opportunities, got a mailer for The American School of Piano Tuning. My son wasn't interested, but I was. I ordered the sample lesson, and was immediately hooked. I went through the course over a few months time, got my certificate, and started tuning pianos.

I tune pianos part time to supplement my main income. It has been a very rewarding second career. It is especially rewarding to go into a home where the piano hasn't been tuned in 20 years and sounds like it, and turning it into an instrument capable of beautiful music.

I owe a lot to Gabrielle and The American School of Piano Tuning. The lessons ae well written, comprehensive and easy to learn and understand. I often refer back to the lesson materials both for refreshing my memory and for solving particular problems. Gabrielle has also helped me many times to trouble shoot problem pianos over the phone. I am grateful. Without reservation, I recommend The American School of Piano Tuning." - Arlin Hall,  Dec 4, 2012

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