I am a 2001 graduate of the American School of Piano Tuning. Although my first several pianos tuned were a nerve-wracking affair, I've since "come-into-my-own" and now tune without after-thought. The ASPT course was exceptional and as a reference has been invaluable, and when I have...
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Fact:  2/3 of all piano tuners learned by home-study course.
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Selecting a Good Piano Tuning School

To the best of our knowledge the American School of Piano Tuning is the only established state registered correspondence course offering a diploma in Piano Tuning and Repair.

To be assured of a good course of study, first ask these important questions before you enroll in any school:

  1. Is the school and course registered with the state where it operates?
  2. Are examinations conducted and is the school authorized to issue diplomas or certificates?
  3. Does the school offer a generous refund policy?
  4. Does the school offer person to person consultation services during the time of study and after course completion?
  5. Is the institution well established? How long have they been in business? Is it listed by the Piano Technician's Guild?
  6. Are all the tools required for piano tuning plus other tools and supplies included?
  7. Are all the different types of pianos covered in the lesson plan (grand, upright, spinet, square grand, etc.)?
  8. Are they licensed as a business, or do they simply offer a set of instructions?
  9. Is the school a member of an independent organization such as The Better Business Bureau?
  10. Does the school have a record of no complaints for over 40 years?

If the institution you are considering cannot answer "yes" to these questions, then consider looking elsewhere.

With the American School of Piano Tuning, the answer to these questions is "yes".

You may check on our school by calling the Better Business Bureau at 1-408-278-7400.

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