Eugene Robinson took our course and received his diploma over 39 years ago when he was just 29 years old. Here he is, still tuning and earning income at age 68! Piano tuning is truly a skill for all ages. Click here to see his letter of appreciation.

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Fact:  2/3 of all piano tuners learned by home-study course.
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Piano Technician Career

Piano Technician GabrielleI started tuning pianos in 1980 after taking the piano tuning course offered by the American School of Piano Tuning. I had been looking for a way to bring in extra income without taking a full time job. We had three small children at the time.

I tuned and repaired pianos for the next 22 years, averaging about 4 pianos a week. By the year 2002, I had tuned over 4,000 pianos, working just 6 hours per week! I also bought and sold used pianos. I tood old broken pianos, restored them, then resold them for a profit.

Over the years, I ended up turning the $1,000 that I spent on learning the skill of piano tuning, into over $300,000. (That is 300 times what it cost me to set myself up in business.)

It was extra income that allowed us to put all three of our children through college. We could not have accomplished this on just my husband's teacher's pay.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have learned a skill that opened up a great career. The job has been stress-free, pleasant work for very high pay.


Gabrielle Borgnino




The photo at the right was taken in 1999 at the Russian Consulate in San Francisco.  I had tuned the grand piano there for a concert given by a Russian pianist. Piano tuning has opened so many doors for me and has allowed me to meet very many wonderful people. In short, piano tuning has been nothing but a BLESSING!

One third of our graduates are women. This is a great job for women because it is so flexilble and it easily fits in to a woman's activities.


Tuning a piano at the Russian Consulate in San Francisco


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