"I've enjoyed your piano tuning and repair course very much. One week after I received my diploma, I tuned a piano for a local preacher and also replaced a string. The easiest $75.00 I ever made! I was very happy with it and he told me he knew of churches that could use my services. I guess...

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Fact:  2/3 of all piano tuners learned by home-study course.
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Jeffry Scudere

Hi, I would like to thank you so much. I received my diploma from your school in 1981 and have had a successful and profitable business ever since. I now work for three music stores and two school systems. The tuning instructions are wonderful and the section on how to run a tuning business is worth its weight in gold....... really thanks again.....Jeff scudere.scudere@verizon.net 508-285-5889

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