I am a 2001 graduate of the American School of Piano Tuning. Although my first several pianos tuned were a nerve-wracking affair, I've since "come-into-my-own" and now tune without after-thought. The ASPT course was exceptional and as a reference has been invaluable, and when I have...
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Fact:  2/3 of all piano tuners learned by home-study course.
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Piano Tuning Tools and Parts

The Peterson AutoStrobe 490-ST Stretch Tuner can be added to your order for $895.

We have improved our piano tuning course!

The following tools and parts are included in the price of the course. 

Lesson One Piano Tuning Tools
Lesson One

Lesson Five Piano Tuning Tools
Lesson Five

Lesson Seven Piano Tuning Tools
Lesson Seven


Tuning Lever: Regulation Star Head
Four Wedge Rubber Mutes
Four Stick Mutes


Standard Tuning Fork
Temperament Felt Mute


Capstan Regulating Tool (square)
Capstan Regulating Tool (pointed)
Regulating Button Screw Driver
Front Rail Paper Punchings
Front Rail Felt Punchings
Balance Rail Paper Punchings
Balance Rail Felt Punchings
Key Dip Block Gauge
Jack Springs


Cork Bridle Straps
Clip Bridle Straps
Damper Repair Springs
Hammer Butt Repair Springs
Hammer Butt Felt Squares
Hammer Shanks
Brass Hammer Shank Sleeves


Flange Bushing Tools (Burnisher & Reamer)
Four Wood Flanges
Center Pins (Assorted Diameters)
Key Buttons & Bushing Felt
Flange Bushing Felt


Plastic Elbows and Center Pins
Spinet Jacks
Plastic Clip-On Elbows

Lesson Three Piano Tuning Tools
Lesson Three

Lesson Six Piano Tuning Tools
Lesson Six

Lesson Ten Piano Tuning Tools
Lesson Ten

Additional Piano Tuning Tools and Parts Included with the Course

Here is a list of the additional tools and parts that we have added to the ourse. These tools along with the ones already listed in the colored pictures will allow you to do almost any adjustment or repair that you will find in the field. To complete your tool kit, the only other things you will need can be found around your house or in any local hardware store. 


To lesson 2 we have added a "Promotional Materials" packet. This packet contains forms for sample ads, business cards, reminder letters for customers, gift certificate forms, web site ideas, and stickers that go into customer's piano benches.


Lesson 4 will now automatically contain a brochure from Peterson Electro-musical Products that will give you information on how you might obtain an electronic strobotuner. The lesson also conatins a piano Soundboard Steel which is used for dusting the soundboards of grand pianos (a service that customers really appreciate). Soundboard Steel


We have now added the Backcheck or Damper Wire Bender to lesson five.
Damper Wire Bender


The two new tools with lesson six are a Hand Drill for repairing broken hammer shanks and a String Lifter/Spacer which is used to install new strings.
Hand Drill Hand Drill


In addition to the items shown in the colored picture, we now include two examples of "ivorine" Molded Key Tops.
APSCO IvorineIvorine


Along with lesson 8 you will receive an Adjustable Voicing Tool used for softening the tone of hardened or harsh sounding hammers and a Sandpaper File used for reconditioning old deeply grooved hammers. Also, instructions on setting up your tool kit are included here.
Adjustable Voicing Tool Sandpaper File


Now included in lesson nine are a Screw Grabber, (essential for holding screws) and a pair of Gripping Forceps used for retrieving small parts that have fallen into the actions.
Screw Grabber Gripping Forceps

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