"This course really changed my life! Today, 32 years later, I am one of the most successful piano technicians in my area, and I still look forward to going to work every day. Being your own boss is great, you can schedule your own days off whenever you need to, for whatever reason. My...

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Piano Tuning Graduate in Shanghai

November 18, 2014

Piano Tuner Yimin WangEvery year, we send our piano tuning course to different foreign students throughout the world. The do very well. The photos on this page were sent from a student one month after enrolling in The American School of Piano Tuning. She is from Shanghai China. She emailed us to tell us that her exams are on the way to the school. Below are some lines from the great letter she wrote us.

"I never thought that I would get through your course so fast, but I was very motivated. I couldn't stop reading the lessons. In fact, Holidays or phone calls from friends were like interruptions that kept me from what I really wanted to be doing (namely, studying the lessons).

Your lessons are logical and efficient. They were easier to understand than the Chinese piano technical books, even though I did have abit of a language problem. The tools were very high quality. I also liked the promotional materials that will help me advertise and run a business in the future. My 10 exam papers were mailed to you this afternoon. Thank you, Yimin Wang!"


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